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The washer in the unit above leaked down. All my clothes were destroyed.

My neighbour had a kitchen fire, and the entire floor needs to be evacuated for a month.

You’re covered. We will pay your living expenses until you’re back home. Get Quote Asset 2

Help! My bike was stolen from the bike room in the parkade.

Get Quote Asset 2 If you have an expensive bike give us call to make sure you have enough coverage.

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There was a fire in my unit. It affected the whole building. Now we are being forced to pay for the condo corporation’s deductible. Does my insurance cover that?2022-10-28T14:28:41-06:00

We protect from what you don’t expect. Millennium Insurance offers Loss Assessment Coverage for condo owners.

A pipe burst in the basement, flooding my storage space. Will my condo insurance cover the cost of replacing my belongings?2020-07-02T16:19:15-06:00

Yes. Your Contents Insurance covers up to the value you’ve selected. When quoting, Millennium Insurance’s experts make sure your best stuff has the best coverage.

I renovated my entire suite with high-end finishes and upgrades. If something happens, will my insurance cover the improvements?2021-01-11T17:06:36-07:00

Millennium Insurance knows how important it is to protect your investments. We apply 50% of your content value to your Improvements and Betterment so be sure to consider that when choosing your content limit.

My condo corporation has insurance. Does that mean I don’t need my own?2020-07-02T16:16:25-06:00

Protect your unit. Your condo corporation’s insurance covers the building and the common areas. Millennium Condo Insurance covers your suite and its contents.

The ice-maker in my fridge flooded and ruined the kitchen floor. Will my condo insurance replace it?2020-07-02T16:15:56-06:00

Yes. Millennium Condo Insurance covers damage resulting from appliance malfunctions.

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